Congratulation Republicans!

Congratulation Republicans! You overwhelmingly took back Governorships, the House, AND THE SENATE (you already have the Supreme Court). By embracing and incorporating a fringe movement, working lock-step within party platform of being rigid and uncompromising regardless of the issue, and your willingness to accept money from any sources and use whatever tactics necessary to win, you have shown the people that they must hate and distrust their government (except for you Republicans as you are the exception). Your win includes all aspects of the government as the Democrats long to be Republicans. They refuse to follow their own platforms, vehemently decry any outsider movements, constantly attempt to kow-tow to Republican demands (especially in the south and midwest), and are willing to do anything just to contend for the same sources of money as the Republicans have. Your win is a win for dogmatic intransigents and manipulation of the ignorant for the sake of your masters: the richest 1% of the country that controls most of its wealth. Meanwhile, the Democrats loss is one they have earned through years of cowardliness and self-destructive actions/inactions. You deserved to win as you are a hive mentality. And Democrats deserve to loss because you have no idea what they even want to be.