Revisiting: Action News - The Election

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There's an election coming up. Other than "Obama: Bad :: Tea Party: Good" do you really know anything about it?

I created this cartoon back in early September 2001. After the attacks on the World Trade Center, there was a brief period of time (I'd say 3 weeks) when television news media got serious and started to display some actual---informative, relevant---journalism. And then it was right back to the fluff.

Look, I'm not against entertainment---I read comic books, for god's sake---but why can't I find any program on the hundreds of tv channels that will give me basic information on the upcoming election (like who is running and what they actually stand for)? Yes, I know the "news channels" spend hour upon hour examining the horse race and the latest evil thing the Democrats have done. But they don't give you any real information. And unlike horse races, elections have consequences that affect your life.

The media claim that "we're only giving the people what they want!" But even if that were true (and I'm dubious), sometimes you have to give people what they need. It's enough to make me think that someone wants to keep us ignorant.