Seeing Red

Red (2010) is a fun movie and absolutely worth shelling out theatre dollars for. Don't let the trailers fool you into thinking it's one of those lame wanna-be funny, over-the-top movies. It's actually funny, over-the-top fun, and  hilarious (those moments when it's more than plain funny, eh) throughout. And like Bruce Willis' performances in many films, this movie is often charming.

This veteran cast also seem like old friends every time the characters get together, especially when they meet for the first time in years. It feels like there's a history and a love, rivalry, and an immense sense of camaraderie  in an era where espionage was a "gentleman's game" instead of the truly nasty business it's become. I cannot write enough about this cast. It would have been so easy for this movie to be a string of appearances by this starpower actor or that, but they felt like the characters they represented instead. None of the actors ham or hog. They're just good, especially in their most ridiculous moments, when the action is so absurd and can only be met with joy by audiences and the cast.

If you want to know what the plot is, watch the trailer.

My girlfriend Jonica agreed to see it just because she thinks Bruce Willis is (still) hot, but she actually enjoyed the entire movie, laughing and smiling, instead of fidgeting constantly (Re: Machete).

Red is based on Warren Ellis' and Cully Hamner's comic book series of the same name. I look forward to reading it, even if it's significantly different than the movie. Warren Ellis is usually a big hit, with unique characterization, awesome concepts no one else thinks of, witty dialogue, and plots that explore ideas few other writers do. Even his worst usually has some kind of awesome redeeming qualities.

Read Orbiter for a passionate story that may make you fall in love with the idea of space travel, which I believe is one half of Ellis' loving tribute to Arthur C. Clarke's 2001, the other tribute comes in Ocean with art by Chris Sprouse. If you enjoy Marvel Comics, then read his Thunderbolts now as he takes a team of mostly unredeemable villains and places them in the role of judge, jury, and sometimes executioner of outlaw heroes and villains while making each character absolutely fascinating, and setting up Marvel's year long, awesome Dark Reign story in which the fox takes over the hen house, so to speak. Ellis loves sub-culture, counterculture, technology, and science and works these ideas into his writing in amazing ways I wish you all to experience.

Visit the movie's official site and purchase tickets now, especially if you want Warren Ellis (who once called me a freak via Myspace email for offering up my sisters) to be able to afford more booze. He needs it to defeat your enemies.

Purchase these comic book collections wherever comics are sold, but if you can afford to, support your local comic book store instead of Amazon, or there won't be a local comic book store for long.

Official Movie Poster found here. "Motivational" poster probably found on 4chan years ago.