Revisiting: What's the Difference?

democrats and republicans click to enlarge

When I originally posted this comic back in August 2008, I added the challenge: "Prove me wrong, Senator Obama."

As you already know, he failed to do so. Valuing pointless bi-partisanship above progress, Obama has continually chosen to  appease his opponents* and to piss off his base. He wants to be the lover, not the fighter, but he's wooing the wrong team. As a result, the House (and possibly the Senate) are now in danger of going Republican.

Make no mistake, the Democrats are better for the middle class** than the Republicans. For all their lackluster, Dems did slow down the collapsing economy and get us marginally better healthcare coverage. Unfortunately, they caved in to so many Republican/Rich White guy demands that it's hard to see the positive effects.

And people are justifiably angry. Had Dems shown some backbone, they could have seized upon the populist streak running through the country long before the Tea Party grabbed it.***

Admittedly, saying "but the other guy is worse" is hardly a motivating rally cry. But you don't have to be motivated---you just have to vote (and get your friends to vote).

*Unfortunately, he has not managed to appease them. Instead, he's only shown weakness and made the Republicans more willing to oppose him more vigorously.
**Middle Class = You. Nobody making under $250k a year should vote for Republicans. Without a strong middle class, there is no democracy.
***Of course, the Tea Party movement is much smaller than it appears on TV, not to mention very well funded by people who hate populism.