Herbert West: Reanimator - H.P. Lovecraft

Those who know my literary tastes may find it difficult to believe that I had never read this particular tale of the eccentric (to be polite) author. In fact, it is the only Lovecraft tale I have not read; a fact that continues to remain true. Cory lent me an audio recording of the story read by deep and haunting voice of Jeffery Combs, whom I had know better as Wayoun from Deep Space Nine and to Cory as the voice of the Justice League: Unlimited's The Question. (Combs also have incredibly piercing eyes, something the audio-book does as little to note as a cartoon character with no face.) I enjoyed the godfather of horror's take on the Frankenstein novel even if the usual retractors will have the usual complaints again the formality of his writing style. It does end somewhat abruptly considering the buildup, yet it is a fun escapade into madness and science.