Drawing Board: Comics are Dead #2

Creating a self-portrait caricature is difficult enough. Trying to create one for Wifey is downright dangerous!

This comic was fairly straightforward. The main problem I had/have with it is the amount of dialogue and the timing. I think it needs another beat, allowing the "That's it?" line to stand on it's own. But I wasn't quite sure how to do it without introducing another panel. And five panels seemed too much for such a simple joke.

You can see some blue lines under the title. That's a non-reproducing blue pencil, which means that if you scan or photocopy the image, the blue line won't show up (although obviously it shows up in photos). I have no idea how it works, but it does. It's supposed to save you a lot of erasing, which it does. Except that I still used a regular pencil for most of this comic, so I still wound up doing a lot of erasing.

I would use the blue pencil more except that it has a really soft lead and it can be hard to make corrections with it. So unless you go into the drawing with things mostly worked out, it's really not that helpful. Plus, it can be tricky to ink on top of; so I mainly use it for straight lines.

I decided to color this one, because it seemed like it would be simple enough. Of course, it always takes longer than I think.

I also cleaned up the text and created new word balloons.

Overall, this "simple" comic took about 8 hours of work...