Comics are Dead #2

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No, really, really fast. Like lightning fast.

Now you know why I didn't go into marketing.

Comics are Dead, but comic-related merchandising is alive and well. T-Shirts, underoos, Halloween costumes, lunchboxes, you name it---they are all cheap to produce, and they bring in the cash. So while the Spider-Man comic is a dog, the Spider-Man brand is highly lucrative. And three multi-million dollar movies have only made it more popular.

One of the reasons that superheroes dominate the comic market is that they are easily recognizable---they come with their own logo and colors, just like any other corporate brand (think Joe Camel and Ronald McDonald). Marvel and DC are less interested in creating great graphic fiction than they are in protecting, promoting, and licensing their IP (intellectual property).

So while wifey has worn her Green Lantern t-shirt many times, she doesn't know her Guy Gardner from her Kilowog. And you didn't get that joke, because you don't read comics either.