Drawing Board: Comics are Dead

I have several comics in the Comics are Dead vein (i.e., proof that I've chosen a poor hobby). They have been humming around in my brain for awhile. So I spent one afternoon just doing quick 8.5" x 11" sketches for all of them. I figured that I'm much more likely to follow through on a concept if I actually get the concept to the "on paper" stage. Here's the original sketch for this one.

The hardest part of these comics is the caricature. It may seem as if simple drawings are easier, but I actually find it difficult to do "simple." And trying to create a workable caricature is devastatingly difficult. It needs to look enough like the person to be somewhat recognizable; somewhat funny; and not so unflattering as to upset them. Add those elements to a self-portrait, and it becomes almost impossible.

So if the "Me" doesn't look like me, just pretend that it is a different "Me."

In these early stages, you can see that I was planning on having additional information in the title block. I was going to have an Issue Number and a Company logo. My idea was that the various comics would have "Issue 27," "Issue 45," "Issue 83" to suggest that there were lots of these comics that you had missed / weren't seeing (as if there were lots of proof that comics were dead). But I decided that these would likely distract from the main idea, and most people wouldn't get the joke anyway.

Here you can see that my original idea for panel four was just a repeat of the talking heads (as in the initial sketch); but I decided it would be better to change things up a bit. So I changed it to a "blown off my feet" panel. Not sure if it's funnier, but it seems less monotonous.

I may go back and redo the lettering with computer fonts, but I kinda wanted to keep the more raw look for the initial presentation.

It occurs to me now that I may also color this comic, because black and white comics are even more dead than color ones...

Final(?) version here.