The New Avengers vol 11: Search for the Sorcerer Supreme - Brian Michael Bendis

Ok, I'm going to spoil this from the start: it's Brother Voodoo. Who? Yeah, I know, right, I mean we've all heard of him, but have you ever actually read anything he's in? I hadn't. Now making him Sorcerer Supreme just doesn't work for me. Come on, we're going from master of the mystic arts to a guy who can make frogs obey him. To make matters worse the whole introduction of him just stinks of disappointment. It starts with hinting that the sorcerer supreme might actually be Dr. Doom (which is just ridiculous considering that Strange got the boot for bending the rules of goodness) and then throws in the old Defender, Son of Satan, and makes him an absolute awesome badass! How can Bro Voodoo compare, especially when his first appearance is him banging some white chick? Can it be more stereotyped? Anyway, the story itself has some good elements. No, not the new group of Avengers as they are just a hodgepodge of silliness and the villain is even sillier (a demon shooting guns? come on). Bendis throws in the idea of attempting to confront evil that's in power, and is using that power to manipulate and deceive the masses. It was good to watch the breakdown of a hapless Hawkeye.