Toy Story 3

Wow. Maybe I'm just thrilled to see a decent "kid's" movie after that crap Airbender, but I was very impressed. The third and, most likely, final of the run has the toys dealing with the fact that their owner has grown up and just isn't interested in playing with them anymore and what that exactly mean for a toy. Considering the time since the original the idea is quite apropos. The animation is typical Pixar high quality and the direction and use of visuals to elicit emotions (even if it is a static expression on a "toy's" face) was expertly done. The movie has classic elements of good, evil, character development, poignancy, and, I was pleasantly surprised to see, some rather intense--dare I say: terrifying?--scenes. Of special note is the portrayal of the little girl Bonnie which was expertly done. It is definitely the best of the Toy Story movies which says a lot.