Drawing Board: How to Win Any Argument

This idea had been bouncing around my brain for awhile, and it seemed like an easy enough one to put together (in theory!) First a semi-quick sketch:

As you may be able to see, my original plan had the people talking in the panels. I opted for a "simpler is better" approach.

Then a little more in depth sketches:

Sometimes, I don't really know how something should look. So I need to do a little life-study (for example, I always want to put thumbs on the wrong side of the hands). Here, I'm trying to figure out how a person looks when surrounding himself with children---something I typically avoid. Unless I can get someone to pose for me, I usually resort to (self) photo-reference.

Then a quick sketch of what I saw in order to figure it out.

Here's my original idea for the screamer in the last panel. I ultimately opted for something simpler/more cartoony. But I like this image, so I may use it elsewhere.

Then I drew it all out on tracing paper. I use tracing paper because I can lay it over the actual paper to work out positioning; and I can use a light box to trace anything that is tricky. (Notice I flipped the orientation on the family man.)

Once I've figured out most of the big issues, I draw it all out in pencil on Bristol Board.

In this cartoon, I was going to use lots of hand-lettering, so that came next (in pencil). You may be able to see all the faint horizontal lines that I drew in order to keep the letters lined up. These get erased once all the inking is done.

Now we can get down to some inking!

Once the tiny lines are done in pen, a brush works better for the big stuff.

But I seem to have forgotten to take a picture of that stage...which makes me want to scream!

See the finished product here.