Justice League Unlimited

Continuing with the Justice League cartoon, this two season series branches out to others of the DC universe. The Question episodes are simply amazing; the more carefully watched the better. The show is still terrific although the expanded cast makes character depth difficult, as does the reduced number of multipart episodes. A noted exception being the last few shows, which focused on villains with such finesse as to go down in the annals of comic genre legend. I heard a rumor that the series changed from Justice League to JL Unlimited because the Flash was too costly to animate, but that ignores the episodes he is in and doesn't explain the marginalizing of J'onn. The second, and final, season gives more focus to the villains as well as a few side notes of the DC universe. While the first season's larger story arc dealt with the heroes interactions with the government and its concern with the amount of power the heroes have, the second season gives the real spotlight over to the bad guys: namely their motives and power plays. The issue that still bugs me is why the show ended. If you average comic was nearly as good I would still be buying monthly issues as opposed to only the occasional trade paperback.