How to Win Any Argument

Click to enlarge. While this comic isn't directed at anyone in particular, I find that the ability to use logic and reason seems increasingly to be a lost art. And it has given way to winning at any cost.

Here's the thing: the world is growing increasingly complex, and we are facing some really dire problems (financial meltdown, climate crisis, dwindling resources, to name but a few); and we need to have some serious, thoughtful debate and discussion on how we are going to address these issues.

I don't have all the answers---no one does. Which is why we need to talk through the problems in a reasonable, concentrated way---using facts, not emotions. But instead we seem to be yelling about things that have no relevance.

It was bad enough when TV and politicians eschewed meaningful and rational discussion; but now I see this same madness replicated in the way we talk to one another.

Democracy depends on free speech; but that speech has to be substantive.