Heroes season 3

Did you ever have an X-Mas morning were you got something you waited so long for only to be terribly disappointed? I haven't, but I bet it feels like this. Season three continues the mystery and adventures of the good, bad, and ambiguous people with super powers and follows how it affects their lives and who is after them for various reasons. This season suffers from poor writing partly to do with the over abundance of characters providing less time for development, yet it is more than that as individuals make life altering decisions, change them, and then change them again, not only within the space of a few episodes, but within single shows! Undoubtedly it is done to continue to intrigue and entice viewers but in reality it cuts us off from true connections. The problem is deeper than indecisive characters, as the plot is internally inconsistent and silly at times.  Writers need to make sure that if they allow someone to come back from the dead due to a power or have once been injected with blood from such a person (and thus are able to come back to life), then all people with that power or with that blood should. Stop having saints become sinners and sinner saints in the course of two seconds; simply changing a person's personality isn't the same as character development. Likewise, stop having scene like: "I hate you, you killed X!" "Sorry?" "I love you". Similarly, stop the whole "I don't trust you!" "I’m doing it to protect you" "Ok, I believe you.... I don't trust you" as it gets real old if you do it every episode for two seasons. Stop giving powers and taking them away and presenting more and more people with multiple powers, explore what an individual power can mean to a person. Stop making just about every female character blond. Stop having character staying in the same place when everyone and their most hated foe know where it is. Make sure you keep events in order, it is bad enough that the "previously" segments aren't always what was previous or that the occasional deleted scene is key to plot (I'm looking at you chapter 12), but don't have a major get-away scene for Peter be right before the scene when he gets the power to get away! This is show about comic book heroes; did you think comic book geeks wouldn't notice such things?! If homeland security is as pathetic as depicted here (two wanted foreigners can fly in and out of the county without difficulty?) then we are all so dead. And just because you say you are going to be part of an underground cell doesn't magically mean you have the resources to do so. And finally, stop having people fall in love, whether romantically or parentally, and then have them completely forget all about the love interest. The end result of all this ranting is that the show is sloppy, doing within a couple of episodes what should be a story arc for an entire season. The only aspect that rings true is the relationship between Ando and Hiro. Other than that, the show has become a failure and I'm done with it.