DB: Overpopulation

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Overpopulation comic. The initial word doc:

Some early sketches. A few of these were drawn "actual size" in order to trace them later.

Once I had all the images pretty close, I traced or re-drew them on the comic board.

Then I inked the panel borders with a pen and ruler.

Then I began inking the image itself with pens.

With most of the fine linework done, I used a brush for the large black areas.

And finally, I used a pen again to create the text (lettering).

At this point, I erase all the extra pencil lines and scan the image into the computer.

On the computer, I clean up some mistakes and redo the lettering (for easier reading).

I realized later that the final tier of panels had images that were fairly similar (head and torso shots), so it might have been better to mix those up a bit.

You can see the final image here.