JSA Classified: Honor Among Thieves – Jen Van Meter

I really don’t care anything about the Justice Society of America or the villains they fights since I don’t really know much about these second string (at best) heroes and villains. However, Van Meter’s tale about a group of villains who get together and plan a heist in order to save the life of one of their own was pretty darn good. The characters came alive with real personalities, hopes, dreams, regrets, and insanities. The heroes? Not so much so. But who cares? The story wasn’t about them. The next story, by Peter J. Tomasi, was. His short tale was about the original Flash, the guy with the winged helmet, and the super hero pugilist, Wildcat. Again, I don’t care anything about either of them, and despite this story of them continuing to bond while fighting an enemy left over from WWII, which wasn’t bad and did have characterization, I wasn’t moved enough to try and care.