ALA or Bust? Busted! Part I

I should have realized it was a warning. in the week before the trip to Washington DC that I planned for myself and my schoolmates in order to visit the Library of Congress and attend the American Library Association's annual meeting, the following mechanical items broke down: My bank card, my parents computer, and my external hard drive. On the day before the trip it was: my computer, my DVD player, my TV, and my wi-fi access.

Was it any wonder that I got only 3 hours sleep the night before the trip? or that the bus would break down? I suppose it could have, should have been worse considering that the driver would constantly turn around while talking to us. Instead of an accident we merely had a blow out that shredded a tire. Interestingly, I had called my tour guide to say that we were running a little late and hung up with her at the exact moment of the flat.

I didn't blame Megabus for this, even if it was a chartered bus rather than he wi-fi carrying one we booked tickets on. I do blame them for the ridiculously long wait for a repair man. By this time a realized that I would miss all of the four special tours I set up at the LoC. No sooner then the tire was fixed, but the jack slipped and punctured the transmission fluid rendering us, once more immobile.

In total, the 4 hour trip took some 8.5 hours. Perhaps I would have been better off walking.