How can I not be a Luddite?

I'm not sure if anyone will ever read this post. No, not because no one seems to ever admit that they visit this site, but because I have a rusty thumb. It's like a green thumb only it applied to machines and instead of helping it destroys. Within the last two weeks, the following items of mine have met with unfortunate breakdowns: My external hard-drive, my computer, my parent's computer, my wi-fi access, my TV, my DVD player, and my bank card. Now, while I'm not sure if it is totally my fault, these things also experienced mechanical difficulties: The bus that was suppose to take me to Washington DC, every third projector at the panels I attended at the conference in DC, and the projector for a movie I saw with Kym and Cory. Coincidence? Hard to believe. Even harder to believe that this post will make it on-line.