Dear Media

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I realize that it's a lot of work for journalists to describe what is happening in the world, especially when it's so much easier to act as stenographers for politicians and corporations. The idea that the media is still calling this "a spill" two months into the crisis proves to me that they're reading talking points from BP.

BP has gone out of it's way to hide and obfuscate what's going on, both under the water and on the beaches. Why is it when a famous person is on trial, the media sue to be let into the courtroom; but when tens of thousands of barrels of oil a day (even by independent early estimates) are spewing into the Gulf, why is no one suing BP for accurate information---or access to beaches? I guess that information qualifies as a "protected Corporate secret." Besides, it's not like we need that data to make decisions or anything.

Other alternatives to "spill":

  • "a gusher"
  • "an underwater volcano"
  • "a fucking disaster"
  • "free market capitalism"
  • "what happens when you deregulate everything"
  • "Reaganomics at work"

Hey, maybe we can use the invisible hand of the marketplace to plug the hole!