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I guess I'm not real worried about the cost of the clean up to BP. At $40 million a day in profit, they can afford to employ many of the out-of-work people. Just using Tony Hayward's salary ($4.7 m/yr), BP could hire a couple hundred people for a year. Obviously, money alone won't fix the environmental problem (and it's unclear if anything will), but money goes a long way toward easing the economic burden.

Let's face it, unlike any other business, resource extraction is essentially giving a company the license to take something (oil) that either belongs to no one or belongs to everyone, and then sell it at an ungodly profit. No doubt, drilling for oil is expensive, and I believe that extractors should be able to make a profit on their risk. But beyond that, it should be heavily taxed. Again, such resources either belong to everyone or to no one, so it's ridiculous to say that it belongs to whoever grabs it (yes, I know that goes against established law). And given the importance of oil to our economy and the environmental damage that even "safe" extraction causes, those tax revenues could go to paying for things society really needs---like environmental protection or renewable technologies---rather than yet another house for Tony Hayward.

And, yes, kids, that is socialism.

Drawing Board

I did this one with a brush thinking that it would make things look more oily. Instead, it just made them more sloppy. Tony came out a lot less cartoony than intended, and much of the detail in panel 2 got splotchy and unclear. I really need to work on drawing/inking liquids.

Oh well, this was kind of a knock-off joke, so I can't get too worked up about it.