Heroes - season two

Ok, it’s been years since this aired and years since I watched the first season despite really enjoying the show. Regardless, I’ve finally watched season two and let me ask would it kill them to have a last season summary in the DVD collection? Even searching on line it is tough to fine a recap of major points and characters (as opposed to major events within an episode; there’s a difference). It was no easy task to orient myself. Moving on I still have the same problem with this show in that the writing done for kids or teens are painfully unrealistic. The characters and plot, however, are very intriguing, being a show about people who develop supernatural powers and have to confront how to deal with it and those that would seek to uses/harm them because of it. This season was a little slow in the beginning, ironic because they did so much with Horn Rim Glasses man (as he is commonly know, like, the Smoking Man from The X-Files) that they had to rush through the end of the season’s development of his situation which was extremely unsatisfactory. Our good-looking, but boring, narrator, Mohinder waxed philosophically significantly less, which was good, and the almost ubiquitously shirtless Peter has less camera time, which was also fine by me, but they both proved to be the dumbest characters by leaps of tall buildings in single bounds, with Mohinder getting suckered and Peter deciding that people who torture him probably are his friends. But I guess they are not quite as moronic as a super secret, multigenerational, international, heavily funded company that allows itself to be spied on by a new recruit and allows him to do so on a cell phone from within its halls. In the end, the show proved it mettle by being an exiting work of drama within a supernatural framework.