X-Men Legacy: Divided He Stands – Mike Carey

I liked Carey’s Lucifer (see this site for reviews), except for the ending which was crap, and wanted to see what he would do with the X-Men. The story deals with X-Men founder Charles Xavier, the mutant telepath who wished for humans and mutants to coexist. Well, apparently that didn’t work out and someone killed him, but, not to worry, he’s still alive, just with a few memory gaps (where did I read that same plot before? Oh, yeah, the review I did two days ago.). I’ve missed a lot in the comic world, mainly because the main companies insist on producing trash, but one such piece I did catch was the destruction of the mutant homeland, ruled by Magneto, by a super Sentinel (naturally the master of magnetism would be blindsided by a giant metal robot (instead of, say, a nuke) who murders millions of super powered beings all with superpowers that usually stop Sentinels. Really Marvel editors? Really?). So there are very few mutants around and Xavier needs to think about his purpose. The story is pretty good. Action, soul searching, a bunch of characters I couldn’t care less about, you know, the works.