Good Call

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I like Curt Conners. I think he'd be a good supporting character in the Spidey comics. But that's not how he's used. Nope, if you see Conners, you can bet you'll see the Lizard in an issue or two. A fight ensues, and then Conners disappears again for a few years.

Not that the characters in my comic have anything to do with Spidey. No, my comic is about completely different people.

I was originally planning to have a big title on this one. But it seemed less and less necessary, especially as the end of the month deadline loomed. But because I left room for it on the original page, I actually made my panels too small. I had to heighten them a bit in photoshop to get all the text to fit. That's why the word balloons are a bit funky.

I wasn't sure whether to color this one or not, but I figured I'll never get better at it unless I keep practicing.

Thanks for the assist from the AR gang.