Nice Rack: A Chance to Win Some Agreeable Comics

I want to win me some more comics. Can never have enough; can never win enough. So here I am posting about my favorite of Kevin Church's comics. I am a winner. Most awesome among this lot is The Rack, a web comic, written by Kevin Church, drawn by Benjamin Birdie, about the employees of a comic book store. While my experiences with coworkers while working in comic book stores haven't been like a lot of what happens in The Rack, I do enjoy strips like this one, in which customers say dumb things.

Check out Kevin's work, buy his books, visit his shop (I can't remember if he owns or manages), read his blog, and subscribe with some kind of RSS reader.

I'd also like to publicly give a thank you to Kevin for having the "A Year of Giveaways" contest. I recently won a hardcover copy of Harley Quinn: Preludes and Knock Knock Jokes. Cheers!