The Desk Set

Desk_SetI think it's a rule that all would be librarians eventually have to see this movie (that and get a librarian action figure as a present). Yes, the story is a clever, if dated, romantic comedy wherein a brilliant head research corporate librarian finds her match with a dumpy, older, but just as brilliant in his own field, computer consultant (Really Hepburn? Tracy was the actually love of your life? I don't get it), yet all I care about is the idea that a supercomputer is poised to replace a group of librarians as it can access information at lightning speed. If this isn't where the idea of Google et al came from then I don't know what is. What I found most important is that while, yes, the computer is faster and more exact with its facts, but it is completely useless if the users don't enter the proper information and it has no ability to make judgments between information. That's why, folks, we need librarians as much as ever.