Here's art lab work for February. These (above) are all 2 minute poses done with pencil on newsprint.

The top two are 5 minute poses. The bottom one is 20 minutes.

The model moved a lot---I think she kept falling asleep. That's not an excuse; I freely admit that any mistakes are my fault. It's just a note that not all models are as conscientious or as static, and that can be frustrating. Although I confess that I can't stay still for more than a few minutes either. So I'm not cut out for modeling.

This one was especially challenging for two reasons. The foreshortening was tough (that's when things look bigger or smaller because of the tilted axis). It can be difficult to convince yourself that the foot is really that big in proportion to other the other parts. Lighting was also an issue. There was a lot of sunlight, which made it difficult to find shadows to latch onto.

These are also 20 minutes each. It's the same pose, but I changed position somewhat for each one. In this one, I flipped the paper upside down to do the second image (it's not a reflection).