...Makes Perfect

One of my (many) goals for 2010 is spending more time on artwork. As  practical way of achieving that nebulous goal, I have decided that I will spend at least one day a month in the art lab. Sure, it's a small goal,but I've found that small goals are a) actually achievable, b) better than doing nothing, and c) make it difficult to forgive myself if I fail to achieve them. I figure that posting some of the results online will also add some accountability to the goal. The art lab offers a live model, which is a big leap over looking in the mirror or trying to get people to stand still.And I need lots of practice with the human figure.

These are gesture drawings. In a gesture drawing you try to capture the essential information in a very short amount of time, usually 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Those above are 1 and 2 minute drawings. These are done with charcoal on newsprint.

The 2 top figures are 5 minute drawings. The bottom one is a longer pose of about an hour. These are pencil sketches on bristol.

This is all work from January.