Dear Mister President

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Drawing Board

Since I had to do some clean up because of bad scans, I decided to go ahead and fix a few other things about the comic.

The pacing of the comic was not quite working. Resizing the panels allowed me to make it more like a syllogism: Tier 1: they hate you; Tier 2: it doesn't matter, you can still do great things; Tier 3: therefore, do great things. Okay, it's not quite a syllogism, but I think the pacing is a little better.

This was a comic that I was creating as I was working on it. I had a loose script, with no punchline (or kick line as the case may be). It was closer to 13 panels, but I cut out some of the lesser needed info. I drew it piecemeal in that each of the images was drawn on a separate page, which allowed me to more easily re-size and move things around (as will be obvious if you look at the earlier draft below).

I'm still working on my cartoon Obama. I realized after I inked the first image that if the prez is supposed to be tall, his pants should be too short rather than rolled up into cuffs. He's in rolled up shirtsleeves and jeans, because I actually think he does work hard (as opposed to some pResidents I've drawn).

The comic doesn't come close to saying everything I'd like to about Health Care Reform, but I think it basically gets my point across about Obama's (so far) failure to get it done. If you don't lead strong, others will fill the vacuum.