Sojourn in St. Thomas ‘10 - Day 7

me_underwater Thought about going to St John to see some sights. Day started off reasonably, but by the time I set off for the ferry the weather was ominous. At the last second I decided to turn around and head into town. It poured for the next hour, which doesn’t mean that the other island got soaked, but seeing how I would be spending time in a rain forest (key word being “rain”) and walking around, I didn’t relish the idea of being cold and uncomfortable (I’m just getting over my cold anyway). It was my last trip into Charlotte Amalie so I spent a couple of hours there, bought some arty things and had lunch (another place owned by Cellar/Lotus/East End crowd and it seems that if you take a receipt from one restaurant to another you get 10% off your bill. Wish I knew that before, but used it for dinner at The Cellar again. When for a snorkel and finally saw a Sea Turtle, but, since I charged my camera’s batter the other night, I had replaced it backwards and the camera didn’t work.  Aaargh! Still, nice to see it.

yummy coral