Sojourn in St. Thomas ‘10 - Day 4

fish_school Started out poorly with lots of rain, but things picked up leaving clear skies and warm sun. Kept to my reading and swimming, but I didn’t see anything interesting while snorkeling. Beach combing also seeing a lot weaker than last time I was here as I—so far—found no interesting coral. Went back to Blue Moon for dinner, unfortunately there are only about 10 items on the menu, three of which I can’t have and two which I don’t want; they do have great steak for an island where the two cows I’ve seen didn’t look too fit. The day ended on a sour note as I have a cold. Not too sure when/where I picked it up, but kept me awake most of the night and my nose won’t stop running. Perhaps I’m being cursed by the cold weather I left behind.