Sojourn in St. Thomas '10 - Day 3

sunset The sun! This is what I came here for. Clear skies, hot weather, and warm waters. Now my vacation begins. Step one: sit in sun reading until I get hot. Step two: go into water either for a swim or snorkel. Repeat. With the clear skies I could spend more time in the water and actually see the ocean denizens. Rock lobsters, sea urchins galore, various tropical fish, some standoffish cuttlefish (what a misnomer), and the piece de resistance a several foot wide stingray. There was also a wedding (not in the water), which the party should have been counting their blessings for considering the break in the weather. Ate at Robert’s Café, which has good food with portions that you’d expect for the price (quite the change from Romano’s). The view of the water was also a nice. Another ambulance outside of hotel. Some lady’s artificial hip up and popped.