Sojourn in St. Thomas ‘10 - Day 1

hotel I went on my vacation to the Caribbean Island of St. Thomas on my second night of 4 hours sleep (that’s what I get for trying to finish A Thousand Splendid Suns). It’s always interesting to get on a plane in a freezing city and then get off in 80 degrees. It was rather rainy and overcast when I arrived which is odd as usually every hour would have ten minutes of drizzle and ten of clouds (overlap not necessary). While waiting for the sun I set up my computer in order to download audio books onto my mps player. It worked fine on the computer but not when the player was disconnected. Massive waste of time and energy that infuriated me especially after the delay getting into our hotel room; so much for having a good half day. I had bought some new bathing suits since I lost so much weight in the hospital, but it seems I lost even more than I thought as they didn’t fit and had to buy another (tried it on this time, duh). hermit_crab Swam out into the ocean, which was nice despite the weather, but still have to be very careful since my operation as my scar has tightened my core muscles to the extreme and I haven’t actually had any real exercise in months between operation recovery and infection. Dinner with family was nice at The Blue Moon (An American) Café, but, as seems to now be a lifetime situation, my stomach, no matter how hungry, can only handle small amounts of food. Brought The Blackadder DVDs to watch at night (yeah, I’m a party animal) but the player in room doesn’t work. Not the best start of a vacation.