Spider-Man 4: Failure to Launch

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So Hollywood screws the pooch again and Spider-Man 4 is now going to be a franchise reboot?

Well, word was that John Malkovich was to play the Vulture. Can he even act? When he's in movies isn't he always just...being John Malkovich? This is one thing that makes me happy there won't be a Spider-Man 4 directed by Sam Raimi and starting Toby Maguire. I really, really liked Spider-Man 3 and found it hard to complain about, unlike the second half of X-Men 3, which was shit piled on shit.

Getting back to being the Vulture, I always thought Uncle Junior, played by Dominic Chianese, from The Sopranos would make an awesome Vulture. We saw what a nasty old fuck he could be on The Sopranos. The Vulture has never really seemed threatening, but I think Chianese could change that. If Christopher Lee can "fight" as both Count Dooku and Sauruman, Chianese can certainly Vulture it for Hollywood.