365 Days of Imperfection: Day 7: 'junct 1: Job Security rough

Here is the rough I created for the first installment of 'junct. It would have been great if I'd given it more time before creating a more finalized version. Kind of like waiting a few days between writing drafts. Same idea. I wonder what I'll think I should have changed when I wake up tomorrow afternoon. What I really needed to work on was my portrayal of Jonica. I can turn myself into a few simplified variations of...myself, but she was a challenge.

On the right hand side you'll see what I attempted to draw of her from a photo from Virginia Beach last May. I think I made her look too much like a guy. Luckily I think she's been girled up properly in the finished version of Job Security. I wonder if I can do it again.

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junct 1 job security rough

The import things about capturing Jonica was her lips. They are full, gorgeous, and their natural disposition is a little upturned on the corners. The next trick is capturing her cheeks, because they are rather broad. Her eyes are also stunning, but I didn't have to capture them in the headshot rough since she was wearing sunglasses and this comic is B&W.

I was going to draw my head next to hers, like in the photo, but stopped for the time being. It's so easy to get distracted and not finish a project.

Jonica and Paul at Virginia Beach 2009 May