365 Days of Imperfection: Day 6: Vomit? rough

My second to last full night in New York I went to the library as I always patronize the super awesome Suffolk County Library system because they have almost every book, album, or movie I could ever want. Mark! heartily agreed. I met up with my friend, Steve, who had to use the bathroom, so since the library was closing I chose to wait outside. All of a sudden I had a semi-vomit that I had to spit out.

I was having a lot of anxiety upon returning to teaching and that was before someone ruined my perfect schedule.

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Here's what I have planned.

First panel: an establishing shot of the library.

Second panel: what is currently the first panel.

Third panel: X-Ray of my insides (yes, only some bone and some soft tissues show up). I was thinking the comic would be B&W, except stomach juices and vomit, but I don't know if my Prismacolors will do what I need them to on this one.

Fourth panel: Actually several panels, as my stomach juices churn and rise.

Fifth panel: Me spitting out some vomitus.

Sixth panel: Vomit pile, perhaps frozen since it was so damn cold.

Ideas, gang?