365 Days of Imperfection: Day 5: Starchild pencil shading

I'm afraid the scanner might not be the best tool for showing this. At least, not with my current knowledge of the scanner's workings. Anyhow, I've shaded the figure using a light source on opposite sides for each image, respectively.

I'm playing around with basic stuff since I'm so very out of practice or have never pushed myself to such simple things in the past. Sad.

Click to enlarge

starchild shading 1

As you can tell from the image above (I hope), the light source is to the right.

starchild shading 2

And here the light source is to the figure's right, but mostly sort of our left. It looks like a bright light source, like maybe some semi-low sunlight in late spring. Eh?

Does either look better than the other? I should probably nub or finger smudge, but I wasn't going for that, but I can give it a shot. It seems the pencils will work better than using my Prismacolor melder marker thing. I'm not quite sure how to use that.

Really, this day 5 post should be the Cock-Thulhu I drew and colored in Mark!'s sketchbook when Jonica and I stopped at his place on the way back to Virginia, but I supposed we'll have to wait until Mark! returns from the island of St. Thomas.