365 Days of Imperfection: Day 4: Starchild with gray background

I liked how Jugwinecomix used her gray Prismacolors for some backgrounds so I decided to try this myself. I like how it makes the figure stand out more. Background grays are probably very effective when the figures aren't colored I imagine.

Click the image to enlarge. I've finally learned how to do this thanks to Cej's wonderful instructions. He should work with computers for a living.

starchild background grays

Now that I have access to my scanner I'm wondering why my letting is so blurry. Every time I want to change the resolution it tells me that's not the best choice. Or I should say HP tells me it'll look better at the default resolution. Well, when I post Day 9 we'll see. I have to rescan it because my scanner... Oy! Advice?