365 Days of Imperfection 2010: Day 9: 'junct 1: Job Security

This is the first part of the 'junct series. I came up with the name about a year ago and Andi and Mark! loved it. I'm sure they'll be contributing ideas, comics, and cartoons. I also welcome ideas from my many colleagues being treated poorly in the world of higher education. If you couldn't tell, the title of this series (and one day anthology comic) is supposed to sound like "junked", because that's often how one feels as an adjunct instructor.

Need I say more?

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junct 1 job security

I've been inking photocopies, so I can make changes if anyone has any constructive suggestions.

I'm not near the point where I like or feel comfortable with digital lettering, etc. I'd like to learn how eventually. My hand really hurts right now.

I'm happy with the way I've captured Jonica where I think she's somewhat identifiable to people who have met her. I've been having a lot of trouble with capturing the essential details to have a simplified cartoon version of her, yet make it clear it's her and not some random chick.

I'm gonna backpost here for a few days. I know I've missed days 4-8. FML, right?