365 Days of Imperfection 2010: Day 2: Agita Roughs

Megaribs Tonight there were MEGARIBS from Dixie's Smokehouse Texas BBQ and Rotisserie in Kings Park, New York. I miss Long Island. I miss it.

Tonight there was agita. As part of my apparent theme of getting old, agita is a significant aspect of aging. I don't think children suffer from it. It seems to be an adult affliction. The first time I had it I probably thought I was having a heart attack. What is it? Read on.

The first image is my mother eating a MEGARIB. I believe the size of the rib helps her maintain anonymity on the internet. It's been shown that facial recognition software requires the lower portion of the face to be visible in order to ID a person.

Next is my original rough for which I solicit feedback. As it goes, it's me eating a megarib (though I really had the much smaller St. Louis ribs), and then my representation of how it sometimes feels when I have agita.

Agita Rough 1

And below I was going for a sort of abstract look of the second panel. I'm experimenting. I should probably stick with the basics for now, learn basic anatomy and facial expressions better, but I'm impatient. I wanted to see how I might represent a person without pencil lines guiding me. I don't know if there is some way to train myself to see things more abstractly so I can envision what I want the outcome to be, even though I can't draw my non-abstract visions either.

Agita Rough 2

I'm not sure how well my limited selection if Prismacolor markers from Riebe's in Melville is going to work for my purposes. I didn't even think I'd be using them much for comics just yet. I like JugeWineComix use of gray tones, possibly using these same types of markers and wanted to emulate her style because I like it. I think it works. I'm not a fan of lots of dark ink and lines all over an image. Maybe David B's Epileptic scared me off of that. I don't even know if I can finish his book. I feel very disconcerted when reading it because of the story and very much because the art is so dark as part of the tone of the story and his brother's affliction.

Speaking of stories, I want to shoot for some kind of multi-paneled narrative soon. A comic for a change, instead of a cartoon.

I definitely want to get water colors involved soon. I haven't touched those in...forever. Maybe ten years? I miss them.

What I might end up doing, to make my art look crisper, is work in larger format and scan and then cut and paste and arrange with some kind of photoshop programs, which I think means me reinstalling my tablet and its software.

Obviously I'm working in Pacific time although I'm in New York.