365 Days of Imperfection 2010: Day 1: Starchild

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It was the first day of the year when I began this cartoon. Since this post is about my father and me, I'll take the time to bitch and explain how his printer/scanner isn't set up to scan anymore and despite my best efforts I could not download the drivers, so I've photographed my efforts and will have to scan them when I return to Virginia. So yeah, this has been posted on 2 January instead.

If the title didn't give it away, I plan on posting comic or cartoon each day. At least a panel, hopefully finished, will be posted once a day for the next year.

I want to have something to sell or swap by the time I attend a show this year.

Anyhow, for this posting, I'd considered calling it Inheritance. I'm sure I'll use that title somewhere. So until tomorrow...

Yeah. Wordpress stretches the image for some reason. WTF?

Provide comments, please. I don't know if it's the image stretching or if I didn't properly indicate my girth, so I'll have to look into that tomorrow, since it might look like I have bad posture is all. Good think I drew me in my black t-shirt. I can just go over the lines with more black!