Global Frequency

Global Frequency 1: Planet Ablaze The Global Frequency is an underground team of operatives who save the world from time to time, taking on those events and situations that are simply beyond the scope of traditional law-enforcement. Led by Miranda Zero and coordinated through a central dispatcher named Aleph, the Global Frequency has a thousand undercover operatives with varying specialties on call around the world. Though they otherwise live relatively normal lives, these largely anonymous insiders may be called upon at any point to assist in a dangerous mission.

Global Frequency 2: Detonation Radio

Written by Warren Ellis and drawn by a plethora of (mostly really good) artists, Global Frequency is a fun read with done-in-one issue stories. The concept is flexible enough to be an ongoing book, so I’m surprised that it was limited to 12 issues. I’m often frustrated by Ellis’ stories. I find that they often have a great build-up followed by a truncated and unsatisfying conclusion. But with these short stories, Ellis packs a lot of excitement into 22 pages; and he manages to touch on multiple interesting political, social, and scientific concerns, without ever getting in too deep. And while I find myself wanting more, perhaps this is the right amount of story, because “more” might actually be less satisfying.