Lost - season 4

It was the Carol Burnett Show--making fun of the show Kung Fu, with its groundbreaking heavy use of flashbacks--which made a joke using "I had a flashforward." I don't think the idea had ever been conceived of. The fourth season of Lost, which took me plenty long to final get to, throws flashforwards into its already solid use of flashbacks to excellent effect. Season three (which it seems I didn't post about, maybe it's lost--ha ha!) closed with me convinced that this one would be tales of the survivors of Oceanaic flight 815 adjusting to life in the world again after their stay on the mysterious Island. Instead, time has little meaning and the heroic jetsamĀ  fall into divided camps while the malevolent Others get usurped by an even more quixotic invading force, all the while the narrative jumps backwards and forwards through time making an intriguing--if sometimes unnecessarily bloodshed driven--plot. Jack still annoys me, especially as I watched what seemed a rather short seasonĀ  on a raining day while recovering from stomach surgery, something, apparently that Jack can have and be running through rain forests two days later. John is still the ultimate, at least in the sense that no one else even comes close to having the crappy life he did. Bonus features on the last DVD disk are great prep for season five. lost