Common Grounds

Common Grounds TPB from Image Comics Common Grounds is a coffee shop like most coffee shops, except this one serves as a DMZ where heroes and villains can partake of a latte at adjoining booths without having to bash each other’s face in. Common Grounds is an anthology of sorts, featuring a baker’s dozen of short stories with work by Troy Hickman, George Perez, Carlos Pacheco, and others; but Dan Jurgens does most of the heavy lifting in terms of story and art, which is fine by me, because I’m a fan. Jurgens isn’t the flashiest of artists, but he tells good solid stories with clear, clean artwork. The stories in Grounds focus on the quieter (and often mundane) moments of super-powered life, putting characters and relationships ahead of world-saving/dominating. Like most anthologies, some stories (and artwork) are better than others, but they are all largely palatable. A bit like the sampler plate, Common Grounds offers something less than a full meal, but it’s a pleasant addition to your morning coffee.