OK, I guess it's my turn to complain about the film version of the comic dealing with a group of superheroes finding their place in the modern world. Oddly, some of the issues pointed out in reviews I read (wait, there are reviews other than on this blog?) were things I liked: the somewhat cheesy costumes, excessive violence (that was part of the point), overuse of music (they were good songs) all worked for me. Saying the book was better is rather pointless; are you saying the two hour made for TV film version of Moby-Dick wasn't as complete as the book? What did annoy me was the stilted acting. It felt like they were reading their lines off cue cards (it kind of worked for Dr. Manhattan). Ozymandias looked far too fruity. Some of the decisions on what to change I didn't always agree with (most notable the  scene when Rorschach truly becomes Rorschach and the the change in the ending (I won't give it away; people who read and saw it understand)). The fights scenes bugged me only because these guys were mostly just people in incredible shape and highly trained as opposed to super-powered and able to kick each other across a room to crash into a brick wall with little more than an ouch. I do think that the opening one was well done and really set up the situation. Rorschach's voice bothered me, not that I ever actually has an idea of how he would/should sound, but it felt wrong. I had the added problem of having something up with the DVD/DVD player as the audio was off track and I felt like it was a badly dubbed  martial arts movie. Still, have you watched the film of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? Now that was bad. watchmen