I've seen this movie...one billion times, give or take, and I love it ever time. It's about a "minor" engagement that a small group of British soldiers (about 140, 1/3 injured) in South Africa deal with after the British army gets their asses handed to them in a different fight. You see, a group of four thousand Zulu (Zulus, Zuli?) missed that battle and, longing for prestige, look to take on any Brits they can find. Now this handful are about to prove why the sun never set on the Queen's Empire. Bloody, funny, heroic, tragic. And Michael Caine really gets his start here. The Zulu actors are real (as is the location and the 1879 story it's based on) only they never saw a movie prior to being in it and so the director showed them a Western and told them to be the Indians, which explains the now comical death scenes when compared to their non-acting Zulu ritual dances. zulu