Re: Covers: A Month of Spooky #31

The end is here! You've fought against it for so long that you assumed perhaps you were different. But now that your breath grows short and your heartbeat slows to a crawl, even you must admit that there's no escape thirty-one of Spooky covers! And the last thing you see is Suspense #22 :

Suspense #22

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My friend, truer words have never been writ.

Why, if I had a nickle for every time I woke up strapped to a corpse...

Suspense #22 falls into that coveted category that I call Oh Shit! Now, admittedly, almost any Spooky cover could classify as an Oh Shit! cover. Let's face it, whether your town is being attacked by giant monsters, or you're being chased by a ghoul, or you're being dragged down into your own grave, or whether you're being led to your doom, or you just can't help yourself, or you're just a fricking idiot, I think the first thing in your mind is probably "Oh shit."

But that's too easy.

No, the Oh Shit category is reserved for those situations wherein one cannot fathom what to do next, even while understanding that you are completely and profoundly screwed. You can run from monsters; you can struggle against demons; you can even resist temptation.

But what the hell do you do when you wake up tied to a corpse?

All you can do is scream!

scream6  scream7 scream2 

Oh, my pretties! A single month isn't nearly long enough to tell you of all my favorite Spooky covers. But for now we must put out the lantern, close the crypt, and say good night!

Happy Hallowe'en!