Re: Covers: A Month of Spooky #30

Bong! Bong! Bong! The clock is striking midnight. The witching hour has arrived. As the darkness surrounds you, all of your fears are made manifest. Your time is up! Feel the icy hand point your way. There's no escape thirty of Spooky covers! Your penultimate fear comes in the form of  Crypt of Shadows #21:

Crypt of Shadows #21

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CoS#21 is admittedly one of my favorite covers. Any cover that so obviously falls into the You're an Idiot category (first discussed here) can't help but earn easy screams, but CoS #21 goes the extra mile.

Mile 1: This guy had premonitions of doom. Now, I think we've all felt that creepy feeling that things weren't right or that something bad was imminent. But most of us do what we can to avoid the source of those feelings. This clown allowed those feelings to lure him to disaster.

Mile 2: This guy knew beforehand that someone was going to die. But driving alone on a deserted road didn't clue him in that the death might be his.

Mile 3: He's driving on a single lane winding road with no railing and a thousand foot drop on both sides, but he keeps on going despite obvious perilous driving conditions and (should we say it again?) a premonition of death.

Mile 4: The cliff is in the shape of a freaking skull! What more does this guy need?

And over the edge: Yes, it's true, there are no CAUTION signs or barricades to alert the driver. Maybe that's because it's so freaking obvious that you shouldn't be driving here! Who even built this road that ends in a skull cliff (hereafter to be known as a skliff)? Are those my tax dollars?

And yet despite all that, this loser is still shocked that the end is here. I guess you might argue that, given all of the warnings, this cover might actually belong to the I Can't Help Myself category (first discussed here).

I love this cover. It makes me scream and scream and scream and scream.

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