Re: Covers: A Month of Spooky #27

Slosh, slosh, slosh. You knew that cutting through this bog would be messy, but you thought you could save a few minutes of time. But now that the lights are getting dim and the methane off the swamp is getting to your head, you realize that perhaps it wasn't the best plan. Something in the murk begins to percolate. The scum begins to rise out of the water. And before you stands the horrible sight twenty-seven of Spooky covers! Today's muck-encrusted madness is Tales of Suspense #8:

Tales of Suspense #8

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By now, my pretties, you recognize a Monster Mash cover when you see one. And TOS #8 is a clear example of a creature on the loose.

And just look at that behemoth! Although his name is similar to the creature from Day 3 (Monstro / Monstrom: clearly lots of thought went into these issues), he looks like he might be a larger scale relative of the creature from Day 7. Whatever lineage he belongs to, he’s a big one. What makes Monstro so scary is his destructive ability. He’s taking out a plane, a ship, several people, and a dock, and he’s still half submerged! Once he gets on land it’s bye-bye civilization!

What I love about Monstro is his sense of scale. Just how big is he anyway? The more you examine this cover, the more you realize that something funky is going on here. In the foreground, one tentacle is smashing the dock. And that tentacle is about twice as thick as a human being. Let’s call it 12 feet in diameter. But look further back on the right: a second tentacle is lifting an entire ship. Now maybe that ship is just far away (making it seem smaller in perspective), but that would make the second tentacle closer to 100 feet in diameter. That seems odd, but it could be possible. Except, at what appears to be the same distance (on the left) is another human holding onto the first tentacle, suggesting that the tentacles don’t grow significantly as they get closer to Monstro’s body. But wait, even further back is Monstro’s enormous head. At least it appears enormous at first, but look closer: there is a man falling near the head who isn’t significantly smaller than the people in the foreground (and definitely too big for the ship that is in front of him). And then there’s the (even further back) tentacle that is smashing the plane.

Monstro is not only incredibly destructive, he disobeys all laws of size and depth perception. He is as big as he wants to be; dangerous at any distance! When people call him the scaley sea-monster, they aren’t talking about his skin!

Two screams!

 scream6 scream2