Re: Covers: A Month of Spooky #25

The dead are leaving their graves. They shuffle along the street, moaning and groaning. They pound on the doors and windows. You try to lock them out, but there are too many of them. They crave your must be day twenty-five of Spooky covers! Today's cadaver is Vault of Horror #19:

Vault of Horror #19

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Now if you were to say that VOH #19 is a case of Monster Behind You, I couldn't really fault you. I'm tempted to place it into a category called Monkey Paw (AKA: Be Careful What You Wish For), but I haven't found enough covers of that sort to create a whole category (although I'll be happy to discover that there are scores of examples).

So I prefer to think of this cover as a case of The Ironic Death (discussed here). Yes, it's not certain that Ralph has returned from the dead to kill our wispy waif, but I like to think that Ralph died of a broken heart after this girl dumped him. Now that she realizes how good she had it, it's too late! Good riddance, bitch!

What? No, I've never been dumped. Why do you ask? No, really, it was a mutual decision.

Anyway, it's not that I doubt this poor girl's grief. Look at her, she's clearly wasting away from despair. Despite being dead, Ralphy-boy still outweighs her by a good 50 lbs. If he's come to eat her, he'll leave hungry!

(And what's up with those tree roots? Could that be a cousin of Groot?)

Because of my faith in never-ending love, this cover earns one scream.