Re: Covers: A Month of Spooky #24

Your mirror cracks. A black cat crosses you path. You accidently walk under a ladder. And your elevator goes to the thirteenth floor. It must twenty-four of Spooky covers. Today's hapless entrant is House of Mystery #109:

House of Mystery #109

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Now, on first glance you might be tempted to label HOM #109 as a case of Monster Chase. But you'd be wrong, my friend. Take a look at the policeman's dialogue, and you'll see that this cover is a case of I Can't Help Myself (originally discussed here)!

Despite the fact that there is already one crazy gigantic multi-part creature on the loose, this guy just can't stop himself from creating another one. Oh sure, he may rationalize it by thinking that monster #2 could potentially stop monster #1, but his facial expression tells us the truth: he's mesmerized by the power he wields!

Look, I'm a rational, reasonable human being; but if you gave me the ability to make giant monsters out of toy parts, I'd at least make one just to see how it worked. It's like giving a kid fireworks and then saying "...but don't light them." You can't fight human nature, especially when it means big smashy monsters.

Even the policeman, as concerned as he is, is not taking the obvious step. He could tackle this guy, or shoot the toy out of his hand, or even shoot the man. But he isn't doing any of those things. And why? Because deep in his lizard brain is this thought:

Policeman's subconscious: But...but two big smashy monsters would be really cool!

Amen, brother.

So while this cover really only rates one scream, I'm giving it a second scream. I can't help myself.

scream6 scream2